Saturday, August 28, 2010

Easy Greek Weekend Meal

When we visit our place on the river we like to have a meal that we can fix quickly after arriving. We are usually eager to get the place feeling like home again and put something in our bellies after the drive.

All of the produce for our meal came from the Wild Boar Farm's farm stand between Stonewall and Fredericksburg. We picked up local honey, figs, pears and South Texas oranges, too!

Wild Boar Farms
21 Luckenbach Road
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

*Also, check out The Peach Basket in Fredericksburg. They have a great selection of natural, organic and gluten-free products. It is like Wheatsville and People's Pharmacy all rolled into one (minus the produce and deli). They even have things like brown rice tortillas, almond milk, gluten free cereal, natural cleaning products, bulk items and grassfed beef! It was a great find for us.

Greek Cucumber Salad
3-4 pickling cucumbers (extra crunch) or 1-2 slicing cucumbers
3 medium sized tomatoes (Wow! These were nice and sweet!)
Handful of purple basil (blossoms included)
Handful of dill
Purple onions sliced thinly
Dressing with lemon and Texas Olive Ranch olive oil (Make sure the ratio is 1 part vinegar to 3 parts oil and shake in a Mason jar)

Pure Luck's Feta Cheese would have gone great with this, but we sometimes go dairy free!
**You can also add cubed bread to this and it makes a great lunch!

Pull Apart Pita Bread with Babaganush and Grandma's hummus

From The Mediterranean Chef (see website for various locations) We loved the pull apart bread. Delicious!

We would have taken a photo of the Baklava from The Mediterranean Chef, but we were too busy enjoying it. 

After dinner entertainment!

Photos of Cayce and Joe's San Jose Local Greek Salad!

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  1. Tonight I tried the greek salad recipe with what I could scrounge up here at home. Disclaimer: I live in San Jose, California. So while I wasn't able to pick up any Texas olive oil or feta, I did make due with some of our local stuff! Since we are namedropping, I'll tell you what I used. Bariani olive oil, which Sommer introduced me to well before we moved to CA (we actually used to get it shipped to NY - how's that for a carbon footprint.) The feta I used is Belfiore (I don't know how to include hyper links so cut and paste this:

    I have been using most of my pickling cucumbers to make pickles - I had just two left when I went to check today - which is also why I have no fresh dill left in the garden. I substituted dried dill, and regular basil + flowers for the purple basil. And orange cherry tomatoes, since I will softly add in this Central Texas forum that we haven't had enough days over 85 or nights over 55 for the bigger ones to ripen well.

    I completely forgot to include the sliced purple onion, which is too bad because I realize now that that's what it was missing!! I cut up some orange "baby bell" peppers and midway through the salad my husband found out that one of them was super hot. If you know me, you'll think that I did that on purpose, but I really wasn't trying to set anyone's mouth on fire with this dish. I do that enough when I mean to.