Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hinkelhatz Pepper Sauce

When we returned from vacation, we were surprised to find that our pepper plants were full! My husband loves pickled jalepeños and we both love pepper sauce, so we knew it was time to harvest all of those good looking peppers. Our son had a great time spotting them and putting them in the bowl.

Hinkelhatz Pepper Sauce

Heat 1/2 cup of white vinegar until it begins to steam. Fill small sterilized glass jars with 1/2 cup of peppers (and maybe a garlic clove or two) and pour hot vinegar into jars using a funnel. Fill to the top with vinegar. Let jars sit overnight.

You can refill the bottle 2-3 times and it keeps for 6 months or more.

Any type of hot pepper can be used: jalepeño, serrano, Joe's Round, pequin chiles, cayenne, etc. If you decide to use a larger pepper and aren't able to fit them into the bottle, use a glass pancake syrup bottle.

The Hinkelhatz peppers make a DELICIOUS pepper sauce!

Grow Your Own: Hinkelhatz pepper seeds can be found at

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