Saturday, November 6, 2010

Local Find of the Week - November 6, 2010

As Clay and I were walking (quickly, I might add) around the Downtown Austin Farmers' Market trying to search out the stall with the Bat Creek Pink Lady Apples before they ran out, I noticed that Edible Austin just published edible Austin Cooks! (pick up locations around town). It is a great resource for recipes that include seasonal and local ingredients, a list of essential kitchen tools, recipes for homemade cleaners, how to make a beef, chicken or vegetable stock and much more. I've even enjoyed checking out the ads to see which events are coming up (check out Eat Local Week) and what local businesses have to offer. 

The second find was at the Texas Olive Ranch stall where we found a great gift idea. You can create a mix and match bag of small bottles of their flavored olive oils and vinegars. You can also go to their website to order online. 

Even after being sidetracked by all of the good things to eat, we were able to carry home a full basket of Pink Lady apples from Bat Creek Farm, apple wood chips and apple cider. I hope the apples will last long enough to make an apple pie for Thanksgiving. We may have them all eaten long before that :)

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