Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's Growing in the Garden? Fall Edition

Despite the cooling weather, we still have plenty happening in our garden. The mild Austin weather provides an extra growing season in the fall. We're taking advantage of every day we have left before it freezes. 

Kaffir Lime
Now is the time to put winter transplants in the garden if you haven't already and start building greenhouses or considering how you will cover the more fragile plants or fruit trees in your garden. You might also consider building a small cold frame or greenhouse to begin growing your spring seeds in January or February (6-12 weeks before the last frost). Don't forget to plant your fruit trees during January and February as well. Check out The Natural Gardener for other helpful tips for November.  

We plan to use some old windows we found at Habitat for Humanity to make cold frames for our seedlings this winter. My sister gave us the idea and I think it is a great way to re-purpose old windows! How to make a cold frame using an old window. 

Our yard is small (and the space is shared with  2 large dogs and a 3 year old and his many important projects), so we maximize the space using metal water troughs and various pots and containers. We have a worm bin (a great place to get rid of shredded paper and kitchen scraps and endless entertainment for our son) and compost bin that provide compost and compost tea throughout the year. We installed rainwater barrels and drip irrigation last year, so you might think about installing that as well in the winter or spring to help during the hot, dry summer months. 

Here is what is popping up and fizzling out in our garden. 

Fall Harvest

On its way out...purple basil, lettuce leaf basil, jalepeƱos, Santa Fe peppers, Joe's Round peppers, Italian frying peppers, chives, oregano, cucumbers, butternut squash, bell peppers, Thai basil, sweet basil, Hinkelhatz pepeprs, Meyer lemons, tomatoes and eggplant

Putting on new leaves for spring...Arbequina olive tree, dwarf peach tree, Meyer lemon trees, orange tree, blackberries, Texas Everbearing Fig tree and strawberries

New for winter...cauliflower, collard greens, carrots, parsnips, arugula, lettuces, rosemary, mint, sorrel, bay leaves, French thyme, winter savory, brussel sprouts, fennel, broccoli, artichoke, radishes, swiss chard and mizuna greens

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