Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rosemary & Sea Salt Gluten-Free Bagels

My guys love their bagels. We fell in love with local Rockstar Bagels just before we went gluten-free. We have missed them every since and look longingly at them every time we pass the bakery case at Wheatsville. 

So, in an effort to re-create their chewy goodness, we tried a gluten-free version last night and I think they are a great substitute. They were pretty quick to make and I put them in the fridge to rise overnight so that all I had to do was boil and bake them in the morning. Leave yourself about an hour in the morning to let the water boil, drop them in for 25 seconds, add your toppings (we added olive oil, rosemary and sea salt on ours and honey on Clay's) and then bake for 20-25 minutes for chewy bagels and 28-30 minutes for a nice golden crust. 

We used Pamela's Bread Mix for the bagels and followed the instructions exactly, but I did braid the dough on one just for fun. They beat the frozen gluten-free bagels any day of the week and would also make great breadsticks or use the bagels to make sandwiches. 

Pamela's Bagel Recipe

If you can have gluten, run to the nearest location that sells Rockstar bagels! Now, if we could just find dairy and soy free cream cheese and top it off with a little lox...

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