Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Texas Blackberry and Blueberry Season

Texas blackberries and blueberries are here. We are sad to see the strawberries slow down in our backyard, but our blackberries are already starting to ripen and although we have hopes of freezing some for smoothies, making blackberry jam and blackberry cobbler, I know that we'll probably eat them all before we even make it to the back door. Hopefully we'll be able to pick some local ones up from Oak Hill Farms (check Wheatsville or Central Market) or at the Austin Farmers' Market. 

Be sure to check out my 30 minute Blueberry Jam Recipe

GARDEN TIP: We have our inflatable snakes out to scare away the birds that would like to steal them. I looked all over town for them and it was actually my mom that found them at Callahan's for us. So far so good. You just put the snakes near your berries before they start to ripen (and feeding habits develop) then move them around periodically so that the birds think they are real. 

Once you've picked up several baskets of local berries, here are a few recipes, tips and ideas to get you started. Just don't wash your blueberries before freezing them like I did. Oops!

Simple Blueberry Jam (made with honey and Pomona's Pectin)
Blueberry and Basil Jam
Summer Blueberry Crisp (gluten-free)
Richardson Farms Pork Chops with Savory Blueberry Sauce
**Or, try some blueberries in a salad made with local lettuce and Texas pecans


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