Monday, October 3, 2011

What's Really on Your Plate? It's Non-GMO Month!

October is Non-GMO Month
Do you know what is on your plate? 

We had the opportunity to attend the Rally for Real Food on a perfectly sunny, cooler (for Texas, people) Sunday and were happy to see there were others who spent their beautiful Sunday rallying for such an important cause. Several non-GMO vendors were there supporting the cause as well as speakers who highlighted the importance of labeling GMO crops and products with GMO ingredients. 

One of the most striking comments made by one of the speakers is that there has been research done at UT that shows that 70% of cancers are caused by food. Food. Maybe we have found the cure for cancer after all. Once you read about what GMO crops do to animals in labs, you might wonder why we are feeding these products to our families and understand why our health system is failing. How can we get better when we continue to poison our bodies? 

Be a superhero for your kids and your community!

1. Call your state representative, meet them in person and tell them that you want to know what is in your food. Tell them the facts and your concerns. Did you know that 80% of the processed food in grocery stores contain GMO ingredients? The USDA has already approved genetically modified alfalfa, but Obama can still veto the decision

What will be next on the GMO wish list??? Our animals deserve better, our children deserve better. Who is my state representative in Texas? 

2. Join Wheatsville's Newsletter to stay informed on Right 2 Know Happenings and Wheatsville's involvement.

3. You make decisions about our food supply every time you are at the grocery store or choose to support a local, organic farmer. Remember you vote with your dollars every time you eat. Read labels and be thoughtful about your choices and their impact. 

4. Cut out the most common GMO products from your diet. Choose locally, organically grown alternatives. Look for non-GMO project verified labels when purchasing processed foods. GMO ingredients are hiding in most processed foods. 

5. Join the cause by becoming involved with Millions against Monsanto on October 16Food Day on October 24 or Right 2 Know March: A Mobilization for GMO Labeling or read more at Food Democracy Now!

If you missed the Rally for Real Food, you can check out the coverage here:

Rally for Real Food Media Coverage:

A few photos from the event:

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