Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sea Veggies for Your Heart & Immune System - A Local Approach

Clay is a pretty adventurous eater for 4. I knew that placing kelp noodles on his plate could possibly be pushing the envelope, but to my surprise he LOVED them. He ate the whole bowl of them. He even wanted them for a snack. Maybe it is the novelty of eating clear "glass" noodles or the crunch that you don't expect when biting into them. 

Either way, they were back on the menu this week and I wanted to pair them with mostly local ingredients. Around our house we find that putting individual ingredients out on plates or in bowls allows everyone to create their own version of the meal and less stress at meal time. 

Sea veggies (or seaweed) are great for your heart, your thyroid and your immune system. Even your hair is supposed to get thicker and stronger. So, freak out your husband, your kids or your friends with these eerily translucent noodles and know that they are getting some really great health benefits from eating them. 

Read more about local company Austin Sea Veggies in an article by Megan Meyers and a second one by Addie Broyles

Austin Sea Veggie & Kelp Noodle Salad

We started with a salad base, then placed the honey mustard kelp noodles on top and loaded on the other toppings depending on our personal preferences. 


One bowl of kelp noodles tossed with a dressing of Goodflow honey, coconut vinegar or apple cider vinegar (Love Creek Orchards), mustard, sunflower oil and a pinch of Celtic sea salt (use 1 part vinegar to 2 parts oil). Kelp noodles do not need to be cooked. Just take them out of the package, rinse and mix with a dressing of your choice. We purchased ours from the refrigerated section at Wheatsville near the tofu. 

salad base made from sliced broccoli greens or kale (our garden and 5 Mile Farms), carrot slivers (Johnson's Backyard Garden) and golden beets (5 mile Farms)

Optional toppings

ogo nori from Austin Sea Veggies (available at Wheatsville)

French Breakfast radishes (straight from our garden) sliced thinly

Romanesco cauliflower (great selection of veggies from Johnson's Backyard Garden available at Wheatsville right now) tossed with coconut vinegar, Bragg's Seasoning or Wildly Natural One seasoning and sunflower or sesame oil and sesame seeds

local sprouts (Winfield Farms at Austin Farmer's Market)

dulse flakes for sprinkling on top (Wheatsville)

cilantro or parsley (our garden)

coarsely chopped almonds

If you feel like going out for dinner, try the Asian Noodle Salad at Beets Cafe!

Or try some recipes from Austin Sea Veggies!

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