Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chill Out with a Few Healthy Summer Recipes

I'm a sucker for a good magazine, especially one that has seasonal recipes! This month's Delicious Living has several seasonal popsicle recipes as well as a way to take advantage of the zucchini and fresh corn you've picked up at the farmers' market. 

At home we're making honeydew, cucumber and mint juice, slicing up watermelon, making criolla and trying out some of the tea and popsicle recipes from this month's Delicious Living magazine and mainly just trying to enjoy the slow days of summer. 

Delicious Living is available at People's Pharmacy and Natural Grocer around Austin or check out their website that has all of the recipes listed below. 

Healthy Frozen Pops **Try the strawberry pop with dairy free cream recipe and use watermelon or cantaloupe instead!

Vegetarian Grilling Recipes

Berry Tart Recipes

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