Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Austin Farmers' Market at The Triangle - 4-8 p.m. Tonight!

Information from Rise a Shine - A weekly publication from Austin Farmers' Market
(The market will be a little light on vendors today due to the rain, but come and support the ones that made it out!)

What to look for at Wednesday's market....
Pastured eggs - We get ours from Milagro Farms or Smith & Smith
Pears from Lightsey Farm and Engel Orchards
Gala apples from Bat Creek Farm **Fuji apples coming soon
Sweet potato greens, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and lots more from Johnson's Backyard Garden
Garlic, butternut squash and bell peppers from Milagro Farms

Ready to Eat
Sandwiches made from local ingredients at The Green Molley Trolley
Tacos from TacoDeli
Bread from Texas French Bread
Jim Jim's Water Ice by the fountains - lots of fun for the kids!

....and LOTS more!

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