Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Storm Peppers

Although we were very happy to get all of the rain here, it took out half of our bell pepper plant. I guess the weight of the peppers and the rain were just too much! So, in honor of the bell pepper (which are also plentiful at farmers' markets all around town), here are a few recipes to inspire you.

I made a version of this with lots of basil and bell peppers from our garden, potatoes and onions from Johnson's Backyard Garden (Wednesdays and Saturdays at Austin Farmers' Market), garlic from Milagro Farms (Wednesdays and Saturdays at Austin Farmers' Market), tomatoes from Fredericksburg (available at Wheatsville). The chicken is from Dewberry Hills Farms. Remember that it will cost a little more, but the life of the chicken is so much healthier and happier. These babies are pastured raised and available at Wheatsville and the Sunset Valley Farmers' Market. Don't forget to simmer the chicken carcass in water for 6-24 hours to make some chicken broth to use in other recipes!

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