Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's In Season for January and a Simple Strawberry Salad

It looks like we are in for a little bit of a cold snap even though last week was more like March or April than January. We enjoyed the warmer weather at the Austin Farmers' Market at the Triangle on Wednesday. I was happy to see the Capital Area Food Bank set up with boxes where you can donate extra produce that you purchase at the market. Many of the farmers were in attendance offering carrots, lettuces, greens, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, turnips, potatoes, beets, chicken, eggs, honey AND Clay's personal favorite...STRAWBERRIES. 

The strawberries are hydroponically grown at Markley Farmily Farm in New Braunfels and they were so sweet and addicting. I was able to save enough (after Clay put a major dent in them) to make a strawberry and goat cheese salad that provided a little fuel for Clay's nighttime scooter ride (check out the headlamp he sported below). I also sliced a few to put on top of our French toast the next morning.  

Simple Strawberry Salad

Mix a bag of lettuce leaves from Animal Farm with sliced strawberries from Markley Family Farm, Texas pecans, crumbled Pure Luck goat cheese and a dressing made with olive oil and Meyer lemon or pear white balsamic vinegar. 

Raid your fridge for toppings. We cubed up some gluten free bread, shredded some leftover chicken and sliced a little leftover turkey lunch meat. 

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