Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kitchen Sink Salad with Arugula Flowers

Not only are arugula flowers beautiful, but they have a wonderful black pepper bite. When they are paired with brightly colored Easter Egg Radishes, they create a salad with a kick. We cleaned out the fridge and added everything but the kitchen sink. 

We started with a mixture of lettuce from our CSA box from Johnson's Backyard Garden and Little Caesar Lettuce and arugula from our backyard garden. Then we shredded "the big beet" that Clay picked from our garden, thinly sliced the radishes, added carrots from Johnson's Backyard Garden, cubed and toasted our remaining gluten-free bread that was drizzled with olive oil and Herbs de Provence from Becker Vineyards and topped it off with spicy arugula flowers. The dressing was a simple one I made from 1:3 freshly squeezed lemon juice and Texas Olive Ranch Olive Oil. I added a touch of Round Rock Honey and salt and pepper. 

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