Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vanishing of the Bees Screening

Vanishing of the Bees Screening

Honeybees are vital to our food system. They pollinate our fruit and vegetables as well as provide us with the sweet honey that we put in our tea. So, why are they disappearing in large numbers? The answer may lie in the way that pesticides are being used around the country. 

I am a member of Slow Food and I recently heard about the documentary "Vanishing of the Bees" narrated by Ellen Page. I knew that Colony Collapse Disorder is an important issue and wanted to spread the word. My husband and I watched the documentary together and learned so much about honeybees and the current state of food production and pollination. It was disheartening to say the least. Honeybees are being shipped around the country to pollinate fields because the honeybees have no interest in the monocultures that exist in our country and the lack of diversity in pollen sources weaken the honeybee's immune system. The pesticides are making them sick and our food system is at risk

If you are in Austin, Texas and would like to attend a screening for Vanishing of the Bees, please contact me or leave a comment and I'll look up your email address. We'll be serving honey treats and drinks as well as have guests from the Sustainable Food Center and Round Rock Honey on hand to answer questions. You will also be able to sign a petition and donate to Round Rock Honey's organization called Hive to Table. We plan to have local honey for sale at the event.  

I'm working with the director of the Austin Farmers' Market and Round Rock Honey to hopefully have a larger screening at the Austin Farmers' Market at the Triangle this spring, but need funding to cover the cost of the projector, screen, speakers, etc. If you would like to help, please contact me. 

Vanishing of the Bees Website

How can you help? 

Start a buzz...

1. Check out the trailer or check out a shorter version below:

2. Join the Slow Food Movement and make some noise or make a donation

3. Join their Facebook page.

4. Host your own screening

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